Intricately Painted Pebbles

Several series of painstakingly painted pebbles in lively colors and styles. Each one unique and hand painted by Maria Carmen. Nice for keeping your desk clutter in good company or displaying on your most curious shelf of curios.

Lovely Concrete Pillows

Cast concrete sculptures, painted to look like small lively pillows. Each pillow is one of a kind and hand painted by Domenica Queen with acrylic paint to resemble patterns found in textiles. They each have a dip in the center that is perfect for a mug, candle, stray jewelry and other trinkets. Each pillow is clear coated with a satin finish to protect from weather and scuffs. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, so you can use it to hold down your pick-nick blanket and hold up your wine bottle at the same time.

Eight Page Pocket Coloring Book Sets

The little coloring books come in sets of three and are dense with charming hand drawn abstractions that transition into each other. Each book can be unfolded to reveal the full page illustration or be enjoyed at pocket size. The booklets are printed on sturdy 80#Text weigh paper from the Nenah Environment line that is suitable for use with most markers and pencils. Each booklet is digitally printed and hand folded by the artist.

Illustrated Pattern Note Books

The covers are hand drawn patterns by Domenica Queen printed in black on 80#c French Pop Tones and a variety of Nenah cover weight papers. Each one is hand cut bound and folded individually by the artist. These little 4″x5″ notebooks contain 20 pages of fine design velum, Nenah Environment paper and grid paper to make the perfect mix to catch all of your best ideas. The corners are beveled to hold up in the real world of pockets and purses.